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Here are the characters ~

Here are the characters list ~ 
☆ Angela Natale  
Full name :
Angela Natale AKA アンジェラ ナタレ 
Gender : Female 
Age : Unknown 
Height : 1 m 63 cm 
Weight : 44.5 kg 
Species : Angel 
Main item : Biberli 
Languages : Swiss-german & Japanese 
Voice provider : Zo 
Other : Angela Natale is cheerful, pure, and very encouraging with pure people. She's also very sensitive. She rarely shows her wings ; she rather shows them when she's singing. From the legends, she works for Santa Claus and also loves to bring presents to nice kids . She appears in the whole world during December but she only appears in Switzerland during the whole winter. 
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★ Devila Nera  
Full name :
Devila Nera AKA デビラ ネラ 
Gender : Female 
Age : ~ 17 years old 
Height : Unknown 
Weight : Unknown 
Species : devil girl from the 4th dimension 
Main item : Emmental (= Cheese ) 
Languages : Swiss-german & Japanese 
Voice provider : None 
Other : She's from the 4th Dimension. She loves to stalk people and tease Angela Natale and girls who are Angela's friends . She doesn't like cities and she rather appears on places where few people go and live. She's quiet, doesn't talk a lot but she's very sadistic .
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